Watch DJ Steve Aoki Talk 'Injustice 2' and Esports as a New Frontier

Recently competed in an 'Injustice 2' Celebrity Charity Competition with Rick Fox

Warner Bros.

It's already well known that in-demand DJ Steve Aoki is a gamer, but this year touring means he can't make it to E3 so he's recorded a video with the creators of Injustice 2 for his fans instead. If it was on Instagram it would come with a big sponsored content hashtag, but also gives an insight into life on the road and his love of esports. 

"My tour schedule is grueling, we are hitting different cities every single day, but I do travel with my PS4 so whenever we go into a hotel room I put my HDMI into the TV screen and play a little bit," he says. 

Recently Echo Fox owner Rick Fox and Aoki – who owns Rogue Esports – competed in an Injustice 2 Celebrity Charity Competition. "It was good to have the two owners going head to head," says Aoki. "We have our game players who are top of the line, the best gamers in the world and of course we have to play too." 

"I have to brush a little dirt of my shoulder on that one because I got him down four to one. We're definitely calling this game one of seven."