Watch 'Clash Of Clans' Christmas Cartoon Created by 'The Simpsons' Writers

Clash-A-Rama! is the barbarian comedy you've been waiting for

Clash Of Clans

Animations based on mobile games aren't that unusual, but what makes Clash of Clans and Clash Royale spin-off Clash-A-Rama special is that the guys writing the jokes have real comedy chops. Rob LaZebnik, Joel Cohen and John Frink are the brains behind Clash-A-Rama and they got together while working on The Simpsons. They came up with the idea after forming their own Simpsons clan in the game and pitched it to the game's studio Supercell. 

"I'd say any bad joke that's been on The Simpsons for the last four or five years," Joel Cohen told The Verge, "you can attribute to Clash."

The cartoon is available on YouTube with a new episode every week, obviously today it's all about the Christmas special "12 Days of Clashmas."

"There’s not a ton of backstory to the game and characters, so it was great for us to say 'this is our take on their universe,' and be able to define who some of these characters are,” says LaZebnik. 

"On one hand, you do have character rules about how they fight, how they interact with other troops. But beyond that, we were able to sort of really attack it ourselves creatively."