Watch Black Canary, Cheetah, Catwoman and Poison Ivy in 'Injustice 2'

The female fighters of the DC Comics spin-off show their skills in the latest trailer

WB Games

The latest look at the DC Comics inspired fighting game Injustice 2 is all about the female fighters, giving us a look at Black Canary, Cheetah, Catwoman and Poison Ivy in action.

We got a good look at Black Canary last week, but the real excitement is seeing Cheetah in action. She's appeared in games before, like Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and mobile game DC Legends but here her cat-like reactions really get to shine. 

The Barbara Ann Minerva version of Cheetah (which appears in Injustice 2, there are a few others in the DC canon including a male Cheetah) ends up possessed by the personae of a cheetah guardian thanks to her day job as an archeologist.  She's a villain and traditionally a foe for Wonder Woman. 

The roster for the game, out on May 16, will also feature Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Supergirl.