Watch a Porsche 911 run Classic Shooter 'Doom'

All you need is a flash drive, a copy of the game and a spare Porsche

Matt Swarthout

There's an internet tradition that centers on trying to make various unusual items, the new Apple Macbook Touch Bar, an old graphing calculator, run classic shooter Doom. Now YouTube tinkerer Matt Swarthout has outdone them all by using his Porsche 911 to play the game.

In the video Swarthout, who writes software and has previously worked for Microsoft, explains that no engineering experience or special materials are required, just a Porsche 911, copy of the game on CD and a flash drive. 

"I strongly recommend you only try this on your Porsche 911," he says. He then using the steering wheel for turning left and right, honking the horn to fire the gun and changing weapons with the gear stick.

This isn't Swarthout's first gaming project. Last year he made a video to show how a toaster could be used to control PC games.