Watch a Clip from Tonight's Esports-Themed Episode of 'Bull'

CBS' legal drama based on Dr. Phil's early days as a trial consultant takes a swing at pro-gaming

Tonight's episode of 'Bull' is about an esports pro suing his former manager CBS

It's time for another primetime TV show to take a crack at representing video game culture in some way. Tonight's episode of CBS' comedy-drama Bull featuring former NCIS star Michael Weatherly  which in case you weren't aware is actually based on Dr. Phil's early days as a trial consultant – tackles a case in which a pro gamer is trying to sue his former team manager after he is accused of throwing a championship game.

Apparently the strategy Bull and his team come up with to win the case is to prove his client is "a compulsive winner who is somehow psychologically incapable of losing on purpose." Sounds like that'll work out just fine.

If you look closely at the clip you'll catch a brief glimpse of former G4 X-Play host Morgan Webb and DOTA 2 caster Kevin "Purge" Godec as commentators at the staged MLG event featured in the episode.

The episode, called "The Fall" airs at 9pm, 8pm central.