See the "Uncomfortable" New Game From the Makers of 'Prison Architect'

Indie title 'Scanner Sombre' is out on Wednesday for PC and Mac

Introversion Software

This new cave exploration game for the makers of Prison Architect cites its inspirations as Gone Home, Dear Esther and Proteus and looks like an explosion in an art supply store. In a good way. Scanner Sombre, developed by Introversion Software, is out for PC on April 26.

Introversion Software is also the team behind Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia, so they have plenty of indie chops. The game sees the player waking up in a strange cave with only a LIDAR scanner - a device used by all sorts of science types like geologists and archeologists to measure distance using pulsed light - to guide the way. 

"This is a very different experience to Prison Architect," says Introversion’s Mark Morris. "It’s a shorter, but a more involved, claustrophobic game distilling a deep sense of unease into a single play session. It’s probably going to make you feel a bit uncomfortable."