Today in Games: Sombra, 'Super Smash Bros' and Penises

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Sombra, Overwatch’s new character, made her debut on the pro-gaming scene this week but sadly failed to dominate Credit: Blizzard

Today's biggest news features some new games, some old favorites, a rare insider's look at the pressure of working for a mega games studio and the first competitive appearance for the latest Overwatch character. Oh, and penises. A shocking, disturbing number of penises. 

Blizzard Entertainment's Chris Metzen, a guy that spent 23 years at the company and was involved with its biggest games - Diablo, Starcraft and World Of Warcraft - has revealed he retired partly because of panic attacks and "non-stop anxiety." He shared the story in a super-candid interview for the Instance podcast, which you can hear below. 

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series (and voice of Kirby character King Dedede) has confirmed he’s working on a new game. That a big deal because with the shiny new Nintendo Switch right around the corner rumors that it’ll get its own Super Smash Bros. game suddenly feel a lot more reliable. 

Sombra, Overwatch’s new character, made her debut on the pro-gaming scene this week but failed to dominate. It’s always a risk picking a new character and it was brave Kim "Esca" In-jae who rolled the dice during the Korean APEX tournament and took quite the beating. Try not to be too hard on Sombra though, she was only revealed during Blizzcon earlier this month and the pro-scene is a trial by fire for any new character.

Remedy Entertainment has either teased a new game or the studio’s creative director Sam Lake is having some sort of egomaniacal breakdown. See for yourself below, and see if you agree with the internet sleuths who think the closing music is the elevator music from Max Payne. Remedy created the recent Quantum Break time-travel tale, the Stephen King-esque Alan Wake. It also made the first Max Payne before selling the rights to Take-Two Interactive. 

Fan of NBA 2K17? Preparing for the annual Thanksgiving fattening? If you’ve got a Fitbit tracker and waddle 10,000 steps a day you’ll improve your play in the MyPlayer and MyPark game modes. "The partnership was genius," says NBA Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes. A sports game that syncs with a device to track your real world activity? Sounds like Watch Dogs 2 DLC waiting to happen. 

The No Man's Sky subReddit is raising money for Cancer Research in the UK in a well-meaning but desperate attempt to get the game’s creator and general spokesperson, Sean Murray, to talk publicly about the game. In case you missed all the drama, No Man's Sky, thanks to trailers that over-promised and a release that ultimately under-delivered, was a total heartbreaker for fans. We're talking Brangelina levels of sadness. The campaign has already raised £430 – around $530 – and is threatening to turn the whole subReddit into a Sean Murray parody.

Genital Jousting is released on Steam Early Access today. We’ve played it, and holy shit. Developed by Freelives who also made Broforce and published by Devolver Digital who have a keen eye for the cult, cool and weird, this is like nothing else you've ever played before. Penises. Testicles. Anuses. Wiener dogs. Did we mention the penises?