Today In Games: 'Dota 2' gets Monkey King, Twitch gets AutoMod, 'Game Of War' fan gets in Trouble

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Credit: Valve

If your Dota 2 loving friend has cancelled all your holiday plans and isn't answering their phone don't panic, they're just playing with a new monkey and dealing with the biggest update to the game in years. At least you can console yourself with new trailers for the Assassin's Creed movie, The Walking Dead: Season 3 and be glad you aren't the dude that got caught funneling stolen cash into a mobile strategy game. 

Dota 2 just got a massive update. The face of the update is the new hero, Monkey King, but there’s a lot more than that happening for dedicated players. It’s got a completely upgraded talent system with new talent trees, new look navigation, and (thankfully) it's now much quicker to get into match. Basically, things have been given a shiny and modern new look and Dota 2 fans  are going to have a lot to get used to.

Calling all Fassbender fans, there’s a new Assassin's Creed trailer out now, just ahead of the movie on December 21. It shows off Fassbender’s huge, massive talent and suggests, shockingly, the film might actually be good.

It’s a big day for Twitch, not only are some of its crew hanging around the White House today for The White House Competitive Gaming Event, a special stream to promote health care coverage, but it’s also launched a much-needed new smart moderation feature for the often-toxic Twitch chat called AutoMod. Broadcasters can configure the clever new system by selecting one of four levels of moderation that affect how aggressively the machine learning based system holds back messages under four categories: identity, sexual language, aggressive speech, and profanity. More details here.

There’s another trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 3 and surprise! It does not feature rainbows, picnics or kittens.

Finally, it may be Monday, but at least you’re not the guy that spent $1 million of stolen cash on Game Of War (that mobile game with all the Kate Upton and Mariah Carey ads). That’s exactly what Kevin Lee Co did and now The Washington Post says he could go to jail, potentially for decades. They guys inside block B are just going to love that story.