Today in Games: 'Titanfall 2' DLC, Nintendo Switch On Sale, and Ditto Has Arrived in 'Pokémon Go'

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

It seems the world of games has already logged off for the holiday weekend in the U.S., worrying about their turkey defrosting and the right ratio of sweet potato to marshmallow, but that hasn't stopped a bit of news stealth dropping into the day. There's DLC news from Respawn, an early chance to buy your next games console and a new Pokémon to obsess about when you should be helping with the dishes. Happy Thanksgiving. 

The first DLC drop for Titanfall 2, "Angel City’s Most Wanted," will arrive on November 30. There are new kits for your Titan, a Wingman Elite Pistol, a new Pilot Execution and a new map. The Angel City will be free for everyone, but if you didn't pre-order the game you'll have to wait until December 3 to play it. Read more about it and Respawn's vision for DLC here.

One enterprising UK retailer has started selling the Nintendo Switch already, offering it at a price of £198.50, which is around $247. There's not a confirmed launch date or suggested retail price for the machine yet, so this is a risky way to jump to the head of the pre-order queue, but GameSeek does promise even if their price turns out to be low they'll still honor it.

Ditto has (finally!) officially arrived in Pokémon Go after a very long wait, but there's a catch. He'll only reveal himself once he's been caught, so you'll need to go out hunting random Pokémon until you strike it lucky. Ditto's special transformative talents mean it can take on the talent of other Pokémon for battling.

Deus Ex GO now has a new Puzzle Maker feature so you can create and publish your own fiendish problems for other players to solve. The puppet becomes the puppet-master. To entice you into building content you'll earn in-game rewards for sharing your work, and there are blueprints to help you get started. 

A bunch of developers have got together to build A Good Bundle, offering 151 games with all the proceeds going to non-profits. It includes games like Proteus, Gone Home and Panoramical and the funds raised will be split between the ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union) and Planned Parenthood.

Xbox has confirmed that game streaming is coming to Oculus Rift on December 12. It means you can stream all your favourite Xbox One games directly to the Oculus App on your PC so you can watch it on a virtual massive screen. There's a choice of settings too, Citadel, Retreat and Dome. Basically if you need to escape the family for Christmas you can retreat into a virtual bubble, blocking out the shrieks of excited children and Uncle Clark's political diatribes.