Take on Cops and a Cartel in new 'Need for Speed Payback'

Ghost Games and EA are ready to bring the crime drama back to racing


Need for Speed Payback is coming and ready to show that you don't need meticulous physics and super serious simulations to get your high speed thrills. EA's Ghost Games is here to deliver shiny cars, crime drama and vengeance.

EA is keen to let you know that the racing, car customization and open-world are all still there, now with an added plot involving a cartel called the House. Players will take on the roles of "Tyler, the racer; Mac, the showman; and Jess, the wheelman," and navigate Fortune Valley's law enforcement and casinos. 

The racing series has been around since 1994 but took a break after the 2015 reboot Need For Speed. That received mixed reviews and drew criticism for requiring an online connection at all times. This time around EA made sure we knew the new game could be played offline, before they even revealed its name. 

Need for Speed Payback has the same developer as 2015's Need For Speed, Ghost Games. Founded in 2011 it has focused on the racing series and this will be its third game.

This is the first trailer from the new game, but we'll expect to see more at E3 later this month.