Superdeluxe Launches 'Punch a Nazi'

A game that lets you pretend to punch Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Adolf Hitler with your phone

'Punch a Nazi' using your web browser and phone Credit: Superdeluxe

Is it OK to punch Nazis? That’s a question that folks have been arguing about at some length ever since white supremacist Richard Spencer got cold-cocked on Inauguration Day. Super Deluxe, a comedy site dedicated to making videos like "Donald Trump And Jimmy Fallon Are Best Friends" and Vic Berger's other current events remixes thinks you should at least be able to do so in video game form. 

The site launched the browser-based game Punch A Nazi today that lets you use the motion-sensing abilities of your phone to beat on likenesses of Richard Spencer, right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopolous, anjd Adolf Hitler. All in the glorious 8-bit stylings of the Nintendo classic Punch-Out. To start playing you have to fire up the game on both your computer browser and your phone by going to this link, and then sync the two devices together with the code it provides so your phone can serve as the controller. 

Regardless of your feelings on the content itself, the technology it uses is pretty impressive – it turns your phone into something that works a lot like a Wii remote.