'Super Mario Run' Appears on Android Store

Android users can now register their interest in the Nintendo mobile game

Credit: Nintendo

It looks like Nintendo has a late present for it's Android phone owning fans because Super Mario Run just appeared on the Google Play store. Just like on iOS it's asking users to register if they're interested. Don't rush over there expecting to be playing right away though - on iOS there was a three month wait between the original announcement and the game being available to play.

The game was finally released on iOS on December 15 and is free to download, but $9.99 for the whole game. We'd expect to see the same pricing setup for Android too. 

When we reviewed Super Mario Run on iOS we quickly discovered that the real meat of the game comes when you've completed your first run through of all the levels, with Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder modes offering a deeper level strategy and competition. 

"As with any Super Mario Bros. game, practice is key. Far from being a chore, there's something genuinely satisfying about the way Super Mario Run rewards skillful play and practice," says John Davison.

"If you're predisposed to this kind of immensely satisfying, repetition-based play, this is a game that is going to consume a huge chunk of your time and a significant amount of your phone's battery life."

Of course if Android fans just can't wait any longer for the official Nintendo product there are plenty of terrible knock-offs already available on the store. A quick round of Run Smash Mushrooms, anyone?