Sony Thanks Fans With Cheap Games and Gold PS4

'Days of Play' event runs June 9-17 with special edition console and different bargains every day

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Starting on June 9 – the Friday before E3 – and running through til June 17, Sony is running a special promotion that it's calling its "Days of Play" sale event. Billed as a "thank you" to fans, it's actually the first time that the company has ever been able to coordinate a single event in every single country that it sells PlayStations.

In the US and Canada the company is selling the blingtastic gold special edition 1TB PlayStation 4 ($249 in the US and $329 in Canada) that you see above, and this will be joined by special pricing on games and accessories that will switch up daily. "The PlayStation Store will see something cheap every day," says Jim Ryan, Sony's European boss and the head of global sales and marketing, noting that there'll be substantial reductions on prices for both first and third party games. "We're intrigued to see how people respond to the event at a time that's traditionally very quiet for games. We're going to have some really good deals."

You won't be able to miss the event – it'll be heavily promoted for the 12 days that its running and you'll no doubt see it every time you turn on your console.