Sony Finally Adding External Hard Drive Support to PS4

OK, it's not a sexy story – but for anyone with a big game collection it's worthy of celebration

The PlayStation 4 will finally let you plug in an external hard drive Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you're one of the millions of people with a PlayStation 4 that has a 500GB hard drive in it, you're no doubt in a constant state of frustration every time you buy a new game. Given that so many blockbusters regularly clock in at over 40 or even 50GB (Final Fantasy XV is a whopping 55GB) once you've installed them, you can quickly run out of space.

Thankfully, finally has finally acknowledge that not everyone likes the idea of ripping out the internal hard drive to replace it with a bigger one. It may be a relatively simple task (as the company has repeatedly reminded owners while pointing them to online instructions) but most of us would rather just plug in an external USB drive and be done with it. Right?

Thankfully the 4.50 system software update will let you do just that. About. Damn. Time.

When the update drops "in the weeks to come" it will let you bask in the opulence of up to 8 glorious terabytes. 8TB! Just plug in a USB 3.0 HDD and you'll be able to download and install games without a care in the world. When you install a game it will go directly to the external drive and everything will appear in the Content Launcher on the home screen just like everything else.

In case you were wondering – there are 8TB drives for as low as $200-250 if you shop around, and that will hold more than 100 installed games. If you don't need anything quite that big, you can find 4TB drives for a little over $100.

If you're part of Sony's beta program you'll be able to try out the update starting today.