See Warwick's Horrifying 'League Of Legends' Makeover

The Blood Hunter Champion's scary new look hints at new abilities

Riot Games

League Of Legends Champion Warwick has always looked badass, in that way that only a massive bloody wolf can, but he's not been the most viable choice for League players hungry for victory.

If this new cinematic snippet from Riot Games is any sort of hint he's about to get a new look and some new abilities. No, you don't say any gameplay but you do see an Olympian-level jump and a possible buff from that giant glowing tube of chemicals in his back. 

Four months ago Riot revealed some details about the reworked character in a developer blog. 

"Currently Warwick is very beginner friendly. We actually want to embrace that and push it even further than it is now. We want Warwick's gameplay to actually teach new junglers how to be an effective jungler," it said. 

For the uninitiated, "jungling" refers to killing the neutral monsters that appear on a map during a match.

"We also have heard loud and clear that players think Warwick’s kit is kind of boring and outdated," Riot said. "While we don’t want to raise Warwick’s skill floor, we do want to increase his skill ceiling a bit and add more depth to his gameplay. We also want to bring Warwick's art and thematics up to modern Riot standards by giving him a proper place in our world. We think violence is an important theme for Warwick and we want to see how far we can push that thematic."