See Video of an IRL Nintendo Switch in Action

Internet stranger claims his local store delivered the console early, shows off operating system

Credit: Hiphoptherobot
See Video of an IRL Nintendo Switch in Action

One Nintendo fan is the envy of gaming forum Neogaf today as he took to the community to announce his Nintendo Switch had been delivered early. As the Switch isn't even meant to go on sale until March 3 the post was met with scepticism, so he uploaded a video showing off his new toy. 

Now, Hiphoptherobot doesn't actually have any games to play, but it's interesting to see the console starting up and what options are available. In System Settings everything will be very familiar to anyone with a smartphone, with options for Airplane Mode and notifications. The video also shows that you can adjust the RGB setting, which will matter to anyone who might want to use a monitor as their gaming screen. 

Of course, this could be a hoax, and it wouldn't be the first time someone had tricked the world with a fake console in a desperate cry for attention, but if that's true the fraudster is a damn good programmer.