See Trailer for 'Skull & Bones,' Ubisoft's Wild New Pirate Game

The seas are getting mighty crowded with pirates

'Skull & Bones' from Ubisoft

If you were among those who wished that the naval portions of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag went on forever and ever, it looks out Ubisoft has been listening: Skull & Bones is a shared-world game ship combat game set in the early 1700s that's all about raiding the Indian Ocean with groups of friends.

Although still more than a year from release, Ubisoft has revealed some details on the game – notably that it features solo, co-op and PvP multiplayer in a shared and persistent open world that the studio claims "reacts" as you plunder its trade routes. Specifics were somewhat vague, but we do know that the VOC forces (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie – the United East India Company) become more aggressive about protecting the environment, and escalate the forces that they put into action.

"At Ubisoft Singapore, we have a lot of experience of having a strong connection with the community since we made Ghost Recon Phantoms," Francois Logeais, director of product and service at Ubisoft Singapore told us at a brief Ubisoft preview event earlier this week ahead of the game's public reveal. "Putting the community at the center of everything we do is how we will succeed." He went on to note that as a live game, the studio knew that it was of paramount importance to build trust with the audience, and provide them with the tools for the best possible experience. He noted that Skull & Bones is being built as an open "playground" for players and has its own dedicated game service architecture.

The studio is working with fans of the ship combat in Black Flag as well as "naval game fans" to help shape the experience up front, and is looking to recruit more players in the coming year to solicit feedback from beta test phases.