See the Trailer for Super Stylish VR Puzzle Game 'GNOG'

The indie game that uses spaceships, houses and music synthesizers as the basis for super quirky puzzling


Next month the delightful and deliciously stylish GNOG arrives on Playstation 4 and PS VR. It's a puzzle game where you have to find the right buttons, switches and thingamajigs on various candy colored devices. The level on show in this trailer is based on a music synthesizer.

The game was made by KO-OP, an "artist run game studio" and is being published by indie powerhouse Double Fine. There are nine levels to play with and music from Marskye. It'll work with a traditional flatscreen but the game really is at it's best in virtual reality. Each puzzle is so tactile, like a real-world puzzle box, that the sense of depth you get with VR really enhances the whole experience. 

The game launches on PlayStation on May 2 and Steam and iOS later this year.