See The Kitchen Carnage Behind The Success Of 'Resident Evil 7' in Virtual Reality

How a blood-spattered tech demo held the key to bringing the horror to virtual life


Our third behind the scenes look at survival horror hit Resident Evil 7 is here and it focuses on Kitchen, the virtual reality tech demo that paved the way for the game's terrifying VR version. 

In it we hear from lead VR engineer on the game, Kazuhiro Takahara, who was actually working on the engine for the game, not virtual reality. He says he was looking for an opportunity to introduce the idea of a virtual reality Resi as the project progressed, but faced a big hurdle in executive producer Jun Takeuchi.

"I have to admit that my biggest miscalculation was that Takeuchi-san himself is not physically able to play VR much," he says. "So while he thought it could be fun, and he held the decision-making power on implementing VR in the final product he wasn't able to make the decision based on personal experience."

The Kitchen tech demo, in which the player is tied to a chair while various horrors happen around them, was part of the experimentation process to prove Resident Evil could work in virtual reality. 

All the hard work paid off though, numbers from Capcom in January showed that at the time, 9.61 percent of players had played the game in VR, a figure that worked out to 65,300 globally. It was an impressive number, made even more so by the fact that the VR mode is only available on one platform, PlayStation VR.