See the Dragonborn Cosplay as Link in 'Skyrim' for Switch

Pay no attention to the hideous man running around masquerading as Link

'Skyrim' for Switch from Bethesda

If link were in Tamriel, how would he fare against an ice giant? A Yeti? A particularly ornery bear? If high-enough level and properly specced, could he one-shot a dragon? Soon we will know the answer. Check out the trailer of Skyrim for the Switch, due this fall, and witness a brave warrior do battle with motion controls via the Joy Con. Evidently, the Dragonborn will also be able to wear Link's iconic tunic from Breath of the Wild (which, let's be honest, is a horrendous look for him) and wield pretty credible facsimiles of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. You unlock the outfit and accessories by using pretty much any Zelda-related Amiibo, so consider yourself warned.