See the Cool New Trailer for the Monochrome 'Minit'

Game creators from Nuclear Throne, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hotline Miami 2 and Luftrausers create 60 second adventure

Devolver Digital

Check the trailer for Minit, which will be released later this year, the black and white adventure where you only get a minute to play.

"In Minit you only get 60 seconds to explore, but we want those 60 seconds to be filled with wonder, secrets and charm. The whole project has just been cramming more and more details into a tiny 8-bit world," says Kitty Calis, one of the developers on the project. She's also a producer on Guerrilla Games' upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Jan Willem Nijman of Vlambeer, the Nuclear Throne studio, Hotline Miami 2 artist Dominik Johann and Luftrausers musician Jukio Kallio are the rest of the crew behind the game, which will come to PC and, hopefully, consoles in mid-2017.

Publisher Devolver Digital, who always likes to do things a bit differently, also provided this provocative quote from its fictional, yes fictional CFO. "The Devolver Digital Monetization Department are working on in-app purchases for Minit that will allow players to pay a dollar or watch an hour of advertisements to extend each life one more second," says Fork Parker. "Stay tuned for this and other great ways to frivolously spend more money you probably don’t have in Devolver Digital games you might never actually play."