See Next Game From 'That Dragon, Cancer' Creator

'Untethered' is a virtual reality project that you can talk to

'Untethered' from the makers for 'That Dragon, Cancer' is described is "a quirky VR mystery" that casts you as a radio DJ Numinous Games

That Dragon, Cancer, the award-winning autobiographical game from Ryan and Amy Green about their experience raising their son Joel, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, was always going to be a tough act to follow. The Greens and their studio Numinous Games have gone in a very different direction for their second project, creating an episodic virtual reality adventure about radio dramas and comics.

Untethered – described as "a quirky VR mystery" – is out today for $4.99 and is set in a small Oregon town. You play the role of a radio DJ and, fittingly, the game uses speech recognition to allow you to fill dead air and talk to other people in the town. Speech recognition is a relatively new area for the latest batch of VR games so this will be an interesting test case. Today a radio drama indie game, tomorrow chatting to Destiny's Xur about tumbling fusion rifle prices.