See new 'Tekken 7' Rage and Sorrow Trailer

Child abuse and a new release date for the iconic fighting series

Bandai Namco Entertainment America

What better way to announce a game's release date than with a video of a grown man kicking a child? Iconic fighting series Tekken 7 has always followed its own path – this is the game where you can fight as a panda – and the new trailer shows it's sticking to its mad ways. 

The 'Rage And Sorrow' trailer is out today, featuring glimpses of the storyline that will accompany all the punching and kicking, and it's heavy on father-son conflict. Daddy of the year Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima are both major characters in the Tekken lore and their Dr Phil level issues have driven the plot of the series so far. This new trailer hints that there might finally be some closure for the Mishima clan.

The game also has a new release date, June 2.