See More 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Story in new Trailer

Masked men and their leader star in the latest glimpse of PlayStation's new game


The latest trailer for PlayStation's upcoming exclusive adventure, Horizon Zero Dawn, is big on cinematics and story. We already knew misfit Aloy was our heroine, but now we get a sense of just who she's up against. 

"There's a threat to us all," says Aloy. "Men in masks, raising up ancient machines... and I've seen their leader."

As you'll see in the trailer the leader is your classic over-muscled bad guy planning to raise his own private army. He also seems to be rocking some of glowing earpiece, which is either because he's a busy man with calls to make on his bluetooth headset or has something to do with controlling the corrupted machine/animal creatures that populate Horizon Zero Dawn's world.

This game is a big deal for PlayStation fans. Not only is it a brand new story but it's the first thing that developer Guerrilla Games has made since Killzone Shadow Fall in 2014, and its first non-Killzone title in more than 12 years. The proprietary game engine it's built with – a collection of tools and features for creating artificial intelligence, physics, game logic and graphical environments called Decima, became a big deal recently when Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima revealed he'd be using it for his next title, Death Stranding. 

Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on PlayStation on February 28.