See Genji's Sword and Shurikens from 'Overwatch' Made Real

Baltimore Knife And Sword brothers recreate the deadly blade and trademark shurikens

Genji's sword from 'Overwatch' made real AWE me

Genji's Dragonblade has been the end of many a foe in Overwatch and now some talented, if obsessive, gentlemen from Baltimore have made a real world version. 

Brothers Matt and Kerry Stagmer from Baltimore Knife And Sword use a mix of traditional and cutting edge (pardon the pun) techniques to bring the virtual weapons to life and give a quick history lesson at the same time. If you get any questions about claying the blade in your next pub quiz, you're all good. 

Other weaponry the brothers have recreated for the Man At Arms: Reforged series include the Warhammer 40K Chainsword, Poppy's Hammer from League Of Legends and Dark Souls III's Great Sword of Artorias.