See 'Diablo 3' 20th Anniversary Patch

The Darkening of Tristram brings the retro to Diablo 3


Diablo just celebrated its 20th birthday and to mark the occasion creator Blizzard is gifting fans The Darkening of Tristram. It's a chance to experience a classic dungeon from the original Diablo in Diablo 3 complete with a special "RetroVision" filter and some gameplay tweaks and treats that'll take you back to good old days of dungeon crawling. The special adventure is only available in January, so prepare your inventories now. 

In this video Diablo game designers Kevin Martens, Zaven Haroutunian and Joe Shely talk you through the patch and give you a first look at it in action. Diablo is a classic sword swiping RPG that set a standard for the genre way back in 1996 and has commanded a loyal army of fans ever since, so this nod to nostalgia is a nice touch for dungeon adventurers old and new. 

The Darkening of Tristram will be part of the "coming soon" Patch 2.4.3, which also brings a bunch of gameplay tweaks for Diablo 3. Check out the patch notes here