See Dark Esports-Inspired Movie 'Ctrl,' For VR

After touring film festivals and appearing on GearVR the intense drama is headed to PlayStation


Epsorts and VR are two of the big buzzwords in gaming right now and new short film Ctrl is bringing them together. Created by Breaking Fourth, a virtual reality studio in London, UK, the movie follows Liam, one of the top players of a chess-inspired strategy game.

The movie, available now on GearVR and coming to PlayStation VR on July 23, deals with intense themes like power, control and domestic abuse and was written by Abraham Parker. The director is Nigel Townsend.

"As an independent studio focused on creating original content, we are excited by the seemingly limitless creative possibilities associated with VR, especially around immersive storytelling," says Breaking Fourth's Alyssia Frankland. "We believe VR is the best way to be truly immersed in a story, and by harnessing its power of presence and immersion, our team are working hard to create experiences which take storytelling to a whole new level."