See Behind the Scenes of PlayStation's 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

"It wasn't an easy transition, going from 'Killzone' to 'Horizon'" reveals Guerrilla Games boss

Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn is out on PlayStation 4 on February 28, and an intriguing prospect. It's a brand new world, it's built by a studio better known for bleak shooter series Killzone and it features giant robot dinosaurs. These new videos from Guerrilla Games give us some extra insights into what to expect later this month. 

The first video focuses on the studio's transition from designing a world suited to a scripted shooting experience to building a quest-filled, lush open world where the player is in control. 

The second behind the scenes film talks about how the studio formed a team of writers who could do justice to the people and mechanical beasts of that world. The final video is all about heroine hunter Aloy. "I think we've created and designed a very strong character that hopefully we'll see a lot more of," says Mathijs de Jonge, the game's director.

If you've not looked at Horizon Zero Dawn before these videos are a great introduction, if you're already excited they won't do anything to diminish your expectations.