See a New Virtual Reality 'Mario Kart' in Action

'Mario Kart Arcade GP VR,' 'Dragon Ball VR' and more are headed to a Tokyo arcade

Namco Bandai

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been a hit on Nintendo Switch, but a new Mario Kart game is about the shake things up in a Tokyo arcade. Mario Kart Arcade GP VR is real, and it looks intense.

Players jump into racing seats, complete with wheel, strap on a HTC Vive headset and the all important shell-throwing is tracked by motion control wristbands. The experience will be available at VR Zone Shinjuku in Tokyo when it opens on July 14. Visitors can also check out things like Dragon Ball VR, Gundam VR and the hopefully mistranslated Dinosaur Survival Experience Despair Jungle.

The game is one of a series of Nintendo arcade adaptions created by Namco.