Sadly, the PlayStation Vita is Dead in the West

Despite renewed interest in powerful handhelds thanks to the Switch, Sony has no plans to reboot the beloved Vita

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

For many, the diminutive and under-appreciated PlayStation Vita handheld is quietly their favorite system. Since it first launched in 2012 as a successor to the PSP (with which it's mostly backwards-compatible) its been through numerous iterations and seen a surprising number of high-profile PlayStation games and Vita exclusives that are beloved by fans: Persona 4 GoldenFinal Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, and Soul Sacrifice among them. There was even an ambitious attempt to port Borderlands 2 to the handheld and there's a solid port of perennial favorite Minecraft.

Sadly, though still popular in some parts of the world, the system didn't do as well as hoped in the rest of the world, and Sony is quietly retiring the device. "The Vita still sells in Japan and some parts of Asia, but it's not an active line for us in the west," Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan told us in a recent interview. When pressed on whether the popularity of the Nintendo Switch would make the company reconsider, he was firm in asserting that we won't see any kind of revival of the system, despite both he and SIE America boss Shawn Layden having great affection for it. Layden told The Verge, "It's still my favorite portable. It travels with me all the time, and I play Hot Shots Golf consistently." 

Of Nintendo's latest console Ryan notes, "Switch is interesting. You should never, ever doubt Nintendo. It'll be interesting to see how they do this holiday. They're clearly out of stock. They've had some really big first party franchises to support them – Zelda is so powerful."