'Resident Evil VII' Making Of Reveals Dummy Finger Drama Was a Happy Accident

New behind the scenes talks about creating the sight and sounds of horror, and that damn digit


There's another Resident Evil VII 'Making Of' video and as well as featuring footage of terrible pineapple abuse, it addresses the infamous dummy finger from the first demo. 

"The massive impact the dummy finger had was what you might call a happy accident," says art director Toshihiko Tsuda. "I hadn't thought about it in much depth but since we'd taken care to create each and every object in painstaking detail, even a seemingly throwaway item like that can resonate."

The dummy finger was found early in the game's first playable demo last year and sent fans crazy as they tried to figure out what it could be for, what puzzle or secret it could unlock. Capcom hinted a few weeks later that a purpose for the digit would become clear but it was months before it did, with the 'Midnight' demo. Even then, it takes 30 steps, as detailed on Reddit. 

"Even the keys and things have unique designs based on scorpions and serpents and so on," says Tsuda. "I wanted to a create a unique atmosphere with the design of all these items, so I was really happy how much the mysterious dummy finger got discussed on the web and it was an honor to create something that fired players' imaginations."