Today In Games: A 'Resident Evil 7' Music Box, Politics in 'Club Penguin' and Corgi Puppies

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As the holidays approach there's an air of celebration in games too. Pokémon Go is celebrating Thanksgiving, World Of Warcraft is celebrating an anniversary and Uncharted 4 wants to give you an early Christmas present. Elsewhere there's anti-Trump protests in an unlikely place, a new fighting game trailer and a Collector's Edition to be murdered by zombies for.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Collector's Edition has pros and cons. It costs a painful $179.99 and is only available at GameStop, but it comes with a freaky mansion shaped music box that plays "Aunty Rhody" and lights up. Oh, and a USB drive shaped like a finger, a creepy note and your standard special edition clutter.

The children are our future, and they're all getting political in Club Penguin. News outlets are reporting anti-Trump protests taking place in the kid focused MMO, with penguins gathering to shout slogans like "not my president," "no wall," "I'm with her," and "penguins of color matter."

Uncharted 4 is getting a new cooperative and solo mode in mid-December called Survival. It includes ten maps and 50 waves of enemies to fight off, with boss battles every tenth wave. PlayStation promises this includes a Djinn-wielding Warlord boss - who you just know is going to be a total pain in the ass.

Happy Thanksgiving from Pokémon Go. The mobile game is getting a special event for the holidays with double the amount of XP and Stardust rewards – for powering up your critters – handed out between November 23 and November 30.

There's good news and bad news for World Of Warcraft fans today. The good news is there are now puppies. The 12th anniversary celebration of WoW includes the opportunity to purchase a corgi pup, and why wouldn't you? Look at his little face.

Meanwhile WoW movie director Duncan Jones has been chatting about the project on Twitter, and a sequel sounds pretty unlikely. Replying to a compliment on the movie from a fan, he tweeted, " Under the right conditions, I'd love to do another one!". When Twitter follower NastyKMV then asked him what those conditions might be, he replied " lower budget, less cooks in the kitchen ;)".

Finally there's a new Tekken 7 trailer that features people hurting each other in increasingly elaborate ways. Enjoy.