'Rainbow Six Siege' is Quietly Killing It

Year-old game is still growing with 15 million players

Rainbow SIx: Siege's operatives have to take on terrorist force The White Masks Credit: Ubisoft

Are you playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege? Because according to its publisher Ubisoft, a lot of people are.

The game has 15 million registered players, but even more impressively, it has seen the number of daily active users (publisher speak for the number of people actually logging on and playing every day) grow consistently for the past six weeks in a row. Even though the game was released in December 2015, people are still buying it and spending money on stuff in-game.

"The number of daily players of Rainbow Six Siege is at its highest ever, an exceptional performance given that the game was released 14 months ago," says Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot.

Smartly deciding to make the most of the headlines that usually surround a big publisher’s financial reports, Ubisoft put its $15 Starter Edition for Rainbow Six Siege for PC back on sale.

The game’s latest DLC, 'Operation Velvet Shell', was released on Wednesday with two new operatives – Mira and Jackal – along with a new map set in Ibiza, Spain called Coastline.