Prepare for a New Reality Show About 'Counter-Strike' Players

'GAMERZ' will follow 12 aspirational pro-players as they compete for a contract


Shooter series Counter-Strike has one of the most intense competitive scenes in the gaming ecosystem. A new reality show, GAMERZ, hopes to make the most of that intensity by putting 12 aspiring pro-players into the same house and then making them compete for a professional contract. 

The players will be coached by former pro-players Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed and Oskar "ins" Holm. Mohamed was considered by much of the community to be one of the best players in the world at his peak.

“This is the most ambitious attempt ever made to create a new, international CS:GO team from scratch," says says Mohamed. "At the same time, the show is fulfilling what most young people playing CS:GO consider a unreachable dream, which feels great. This kind of possibility was unthinkable when I first started my career. So, I really hope the players will step up to the challenge, because I am going to make their next few weeks the toughest they have ever experienced."

The first episode will be aired on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook on May 1.