Play 'Splatoon 2' on Nintendo Switch for Free in March

Play against other squid fans and try out the new Splat Dualies


Nintendo wants you to play Splatoon 2. It wants that so much that it's creating a special demo version of Splatoon 2 for all Nintendo Switch owners that will be playable during a Global Testfire event starting March 24. 

Splatoon is a squid-based shooter where players blast colored ink over maps to control territory. This test, as well as helping Nintendo squash any last multiplayer bugs in the game, will let players try out the new Splat Dualies weapons. 

Here are the times for the Global Testfire event:

March 24
12-12:59pm PT and 8-8:59pm PT

March 25
4-4:59am PT, 12-12:59pm PT and 8-8:59pm PT

March 26:
4-4:59am PT

Splatoon 2 will be released in full sometime in summer. It will allow up to 10 docked systems according to Nintendo, eight actually player and and two as spectators.

Nintendo also snuck in some new about its Nintendo Switch smartphone app, which will help players use online gaming features. 

"This app will connect to the game and allow players to set play appointments with friends and teammates who have been added to their Nintendo Switch friend list or via their social media accounts," revealed Nintendo.  

"It also allows players to match up with those friends directly in the game or voice chat with them via their smart device. For example, during a Private Battle, players can voice chat with all of their connected friends when they divide into teams, but once teams are set, voice chat is switched to communication only between teammates on the same team."