'Fire Emblem Heroes' Character Power Rankings

Roy? Robin? Camilla? Find out how your favorite waifus and husbandos stack up

Tiki the Dragon Scion

7. Tiki the Dragon Scion

Tiki almost gets top-tier status on the strength of her solid offensive and defensive stats and the fact that she’s, you know, a divine dragon. But to be brutally honest, I’m just not that into her human form’s pandering cutsieness or how quickly she can be whittled down by long range units or a decent Lucina or Marth with their anti-dragon abilities. Though she does have access to a sweet area of effect fire ability, it’s got a punishing five turn cooldown, and a smart opponent will have picked her off long before she can take advantage of it. I feel bad bagging on a girl who comes from a race hunted to the brink of extinction, but hey, I’m not kicking her out of the hot tub. She just needs to wait in line.

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