'Fire Emblem Heroes' Character Power Rankings

Roy? Robin? Camilla? Find out how your favorite waifus and husbandos stack up

Takumi the Wild Card

1. Takumi the Wild Card

Takumi is a motherfucker – a beautiful, deadly, deeply broken motherfucker who defies all the Fire Emblem conventions we’ve internalized over the past three decades. The sweet Hoshidan prince with the impossible hair is an archer without the primary weakness of basically every archer in any Fire Emblem game ever: he can counter attack enemies even when they’re directly in his grill, meaning his overpowered bow is deadly to even the tankiest melee brutes. On top of that, he’s gifted with stat growth that nearly matches his preternaturally lengthy coif. By the time a five star focus Takumi hits level 30, he’s essentially a demigod, raining swift and merciless death everywhere on the battlefield, a blue blood Artemis whose quick smile surely conceals a conflicted, tragic, deeply romantic past. Swoon.

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