'Fire Emblem Heroes' Character Power Rankings

Roy? Robin? Camilla? Find out how your favorite waifus and husbandos stack up

Marth the Atlean Prince

4. Marth the Atlean Prince

To be perfectly honest, Marth’s not really that great in game terms. Sure, he’s got solid stats, and like Lucina, he gets a nice buff against dragons. The problem is that he’s not quite as good as Lucina (or Lucina’s weird future dad, Chrom) in either category. He’s a little bit more durable, but Lucina’s healing and ability to slaughter anything that glances at her askance means she’s actually more survivable, too.

But he is still a great pull if you don’t have one of the other top tier superstars, and he’s the Fire Emblem poster boy, everybody’s rosy-cheeked, nostalgia-glazed-sugar-donut-baby-boy from way back in Fire Emblem’s prehistory. Also, he earns a huge raft of bonus points for having possibly the world’s sickest cape.  

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