'Fire Emblem Heroes' Character Power Rankings

Roy? Robin? Camilla? Find out how your favorite waifus and husbandos stack up

Ephraim the Prince of Renais

6. Ephraim the Prince of Renais

Probably the most interesting of the four new heroes that dropped in the latest patch, Ephraim is yet another spiky haired, juvenile prince with a penchant for stabbing. On the battlefield, he’s an interesting asset mainly because he projects a debuff up to two squares in any direction that strips enemy defense. He’s also a rock solid spear wielder, which, as someone who has barely summoned any good spears, I can attest is a big deal. On the other hand, being drawn from the fairly obscure Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, I bet there’s a huge percentage of the Heroes audience that’s never heard of him. Also, the bizarre, creamy green he’s chosen to dye his hair isn’t doing him any favors.

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