'Fire Emblem Heroes' Character Power Rankings

Fire Emblem Heroes' place in the vanguard of Nintendo’s mobile push was met with skepticism, and that skepticism was swiftly silenced after a first week of wild popularity and sales figures in the seven digits. Never slow to capitalize on booming success, Nintendo dropped a quick follow-up update (dubbed Family Bonds because of the focus on sibling heroes) that added four brand new champs to Heroes’ already massive roster.

The four newbies join eight other characters previously designated as "focus heroes" – characters you’re more likely to pull every time you summon from their specific categories. Among them are the most recognizable characters from three decades of Fire Emblem, along with some odder picks for game balance purposes. All of which we'll measure under our baleful gaze.

So which of your favorite waifus and husbandos got the focus treatment, and who amongst them represents the creme de la creme of Heroes’ flashiest a-listers? Join us on a highly judgemental, wildly arbitrary tour of strategy role-playing’s cutest celebs.