5 Things You Need to Know From Bethesda's E3 Show

Bethesda keeps it short and sweet with 'Wolfenstein,' a new way to mod, Link in 'Skyrim' and 'The Evil Within 2'

There was no 'Starfield'
Pete Hines on stage. Bethesda 5/5

There was no 'Starfield'

Last week, as E3 anticipation became E3 rumor madness, word of a new Bethesda game hit the internet. It would be called Starfield, and it would use procedurally generated environments wrapped around more customized, handcrafted quests and locations. You'd start out on a space station, which would become "larger than Boston in Fallout 4" and work with different factions. Admittedly the news came from Reddit, hardly a reliable resource, but Bethesda fans so wanted it to be true. 

The fact that Bethesda trademarked the name in 2013 and then renewed the trademark in April means the Starfield dream lives on, but you can forget about it for 2017. 

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