5 Things You Need to Know From Bethesda's E3 Show

Bethesda keeps it short and sweet with 'Wolfenstein,' a new way to mod, Link in 'Skyrim' and 'The Evil Within 2'


'Fallout 4' and 'Skyrim' Join the Creation Club

Bethesda is going to monetize modding or die trying dammit. The Creation Club will feature approved mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition made by Bethesda game studios and "outside developers", including approved community creators. The mods will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, you'll be able to browse them – clothes, items, weapons, characters, tweaks to the world, creatures and gameplay worlds – in game and use credits to buy them. Basically it's modding – long a staple of Bethesda games on PC – made easy, with no worrying about compatibility or breaking your game because you just had to have a pair of paisley britches for your Dragonborn. Mods will go through a quality check with Bethesda and their creators will get paid, which should encourage better mods and more of them all round. The fact that Bethesda game studios are making mods might mean a few cheeky tie-ins for other Bethesda games, or even movies and TV shoes. 

Despite the fact that you'll need to purchase credits to buy these mods Bethesda doesn't want them to be called "paid mods," addressing that description in detail. "Mods will remain a free and open system where anyone can create and share what they’d like. Also, we won’t allow any existing mods to be retrofitted into Creation Club, it must all be original content," it says. "Most of the Creation Club content is created internally, some with external partners who have worked on our games, and some by external Creators. All the content is approved, curated, and taken through the full internal dev cycle; including localization, polishing, and testing. This also guarantees that all content works together. We’ve looked at many ways to do 'paid mods', and the problems outweigh the benefits."

You'll be able to try them for yourself in the summer. 

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