'Overwatch' Uprising Seasonal Event Launches With Co-Op, Skins and Loot

Play Tracer's first mission, starting today

The latest 'Overwatch' seasonal event, Uprising Blizzard

As the leak yesterday indicated, Blizzard has kicked off its latest seasonal event today – but rather than being called "Insurrection" as the leaked video indicated, the title of the event is now "Uprising," the same as the recent comic book story. 

The event runs from today until May 1, and illustrates a pivotal moment in Overwatch lore concerning the Null Sector-led omnic uprising in King's Row, London – a mission that was Tracer's first operation as part of the Overwatch team. The event, which is a four player co-op mission in which you can play as Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy, has you battling against waves of robots in an attempt to liberate the city.

As with other Overwatch events, there's plenty of new loot: Uprising loot boxes can be earned or bought, and there are over 100 new skins, emotes, sprays and highlights.

Alongside the trailer for the event (which is basically the same as the leaked video yesterday, only this one's in English), Blizzard has also released this origin story that provides more background detail.