'Overwatch' Insurrection Event Leaks: Runs April 11-May 1 With New Mode, New Skins

Details revealed in leaked trailer ahead of announcement (UPDATED)

Leaked 'Overwatch' trailer for the "Insurrection" event, due April 11 Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard has been teasing an Overwatch event for April 11 for the past week, and today we finally got a glimpse of what it will entail thanks to a trailer that was posted on the French PlayStation YouTube channel before being taken down. (Yes, it's in French.)

The new event is called Insurrection, and it runs from April 11 until May 1. Similar to the Junkenstein's Revenge event that ran over Halloween last year, Insurrection includes a new four-player, wave-based PvE survival game mode that takes place on the King's Row map in London. In terms of Overwatch lore, it's set in the past – during Tracer's first ever mission as part of the Overwatch team. Playing as Tracer, Torbjörn, Mercy or Reinhardt you're up against Omnic robots in the King's Row Omnic Uprising. If you want some background, you should check out the latest issue (#12) of the Overwatch comic, titled "Uprising."

Along with the new mode, you can also expect new skins  – including the awesome-looking cyber-Genji (below) – as well as over 100 new goodies.

UPDATE: Blizzard has now announced the new event with the name "Uprising" instead of "Insurrection."