Original Nine Inch Nails 'Quake' Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Release

All 10 untitled ambient tracks from the 1996 game being reissued

Credit: Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails announced that their 2016 Not the Actual Events EP was the first of a trilogy, according to an email to fans from lead singer, Trent Reznor this week. The promise of two more EPs was also accompanied by word that the band's 1996 work for the original release of Quake will also be getting a release on vinyl later this year. Though there's no confirmed release date yet, a "coming soon" page has gone live on the NIN store.

When the game released on CD-ROM in 1996, the 10 tracks composed by Reznor – his first experimentation with ambient music, similar to his later movie soundtrack work – appeared as CD audio files on the disc. If you put the game into a standard CD player, you could listen to it as a full album. Reznor never released official track names for any of the music, so for the past 21 years they have been referred to in the same format as the Ghosts I-IV track titles – "Quake - Track 1", etc. Over the years fans have come up with names for the tracks – either original titles, or names based on the level names – and these were what used to appear if you tried to rip the game disc and pull the track names from CDDB. 

Below are the level names followed by the most popular fan titles.

Quake Theme – "Persia Inversion"
Intermission – "The Life Beneath It All"
Start/Whispers – "Conscience" 
Grisly Grotto – "Freezing Vertigo" 
Slipgate Complex – "The Journey" 
Underearth – "The Hammer" 
Castle Of The Damned – "Ice"
Necropolis – "Peace?" 
Ziggurat Vertigo – "Violence Inside"
Gloom Keep – "Death"

Reznor was also responsible for many of the sound effects in Quake – that horrific gurgling sound when the Ranger dies is actually him making choking and retching sounds.