Today In Games: Nintendo Switch's headset, 'Fallout' in 'Minecraft' and Twitch IRL

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Credit: Microsoft

You'd think a certain Nintendo icon on a certain mobile device named after a fruit would have been the only news today, but no, some brave souls decided to go up against the world's most famous plumber with their latest tidings.

The first hot gossip is, funnily enough, newly published patents for the Nintendo Switch console that hint at its possible future. You can dig through the documents for yourself, but the sexiest part is the mention of a possible headset  peripheral. "An example HMD [head-mounted display] accessory to which the main unit 2 can be attached," according to the document. It's worth noting that game companies patent anything and everything just to be safe, but it's interesting to see what's happening in Nintendo's console brainstorming department all the same.

Bully: Anniversary Edition arrived on iOS last week, and today, Bully: Scholarship Edition is available on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility. If you already own it, you can use your Xbox 360 disc or find the digital version in your game library. If you missed out first time around on this unsung Rockstar classic, you can buy it from the Xbox One store.

Mojang is also delivering a little something today for their Minecraft players. Their bulging Santa's sack includes a new Fallout Mash-Up Pack that features Nick Valentine, Tinker Tom, Paladin Cross, Jangles The Moon Monkey, and even Vault Boy. There's no release date beyond "this month" but there is a price: $5.99. It'll be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide also gets new DLC today, with Karak Azgaraz. It might sound like a seasonal cough, but is in fact a dwarven fortress riddled with Skaven, AKA, rat men. There are three new maps to play with, along with new weapons and new achievements. There's also a mega-patch out for the game today that fixes a bunch of technical issues. Karak Azgaraz costs $9 on Steam.

Finally, Twitch has launched new category IRL, "to allow you to talk to your community and share your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and everyday life." To broadcast in this new category, streamers must be interacting with their audience. Twitch suggests discussing books or vlogging trips to the grocery store. There's a whole FAQ about it here.