Nintendo Switch: What's in the Box?

Watch us unbox a Nintendo Switch with the funky-colored Joy-Cons

Nintendo Switch unboxing Credit: Glixel

The Switch will finally be out in a little over a week, and if you're wondering what it looks like when you take it out of the box – here it is in all its (in this case neon-colored, our preferred look over the dull grey) glory. Even after the preview videos and early demos, the most striking thing about it when you first take it out of the packaging is how much smaller it is than you're expecting. Especially the Joy-Cons, which at just 4 inches long by an inch wide are especially petite. It's also much heavier than you might think – at 14oz for the console with the Joy-Cons attached, it's almost twice the weight of a PlayStation Vita – or about the same as a Wii U GamePad. It definitely feels solid and substantial.

As you can see from the video, there are nine things squeezed into the box (aside from the bits of paper that you'll never look at) – the Switch console itself, the dock, the left and right Joy-Cons, a pair of wrist straps, the Joy-Con grip that turns those cute little controllers into something that feels somewhat more conventional, a 4-ft HDMI cable and the AC adapter that can be plugged into either the dock or the console itself.

The Nintendo Switch will be in stores on March 3 for $299. As seems to be the norm these days for any desirable piece of tech: good luck getting your hands on one if you haven't already pre-ordered.