Nintendo Switch 'Doom' Won't Have Map Editor, Multiplayer Will Be Download

The game's multiplayer will be available for download at launch

When Doom comes to the Nintendo Switch later this year, it will include the full single player campaign but no multiplayer.

Instead, multiplayer, a Bethesda spokesperson tells Glixel, will be available as a download when the game launches. And Doom for the Nintendo Switch won't be getting the SnapMap editor at all.

Nintendo announced last night that both the 2016 version of Doom as well as the upcoming release of Wolfenstein II" The New Colossus are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Wolfenstein II is headed to the Switch sometime next year. Doom is hitting the Nintendo hybrid portable console this holiday.

Doom originally hit the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One in 2016 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The first-person shooter was developed by id Software and ran on the proprietary id Tech 6 game engine. The Switch version of the game will also be developed by id Software, according to a Bethesda press release. The Switch version will include both the campaign and the return of id multiplayer. Multiplayer will include both "classic and all-new" game modes, according to the press release.

The SnapMap was Doom's developer id Software's take on a level editor. SnapMap was co-developed with Escalation Studios.