Nintendo Still Wants Virtual Reality on Switch

Nintendo president is still studying the options, still worried about hurting your face

Nintendo's Super Mario Odyssey is one of the big games for the console Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has reaffirmed that it’s still considering virtual reality possibilities for its new console, the Nintendo Switch.

"If we are able to resolve the issues with playing [VR] comfortably for long hours, we will support it in one form or another," Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima tells Nikkei.

The quote is backed up by Nintendo Switch patents that appeared online after the console reveal in October. It showed a system where the tablet part of the Switch could be placed into a headset. It didn’t look like the most elegant use of the technology, but if Nintendo are known for anything these days it’s embracing unusual hardware.

When Glixel spoke to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé back in June – when the Switch was still known by its working title, the NX – he suggested the issue was one of VR tech gaining a more mainstream audience.

"The question for us is when is the technology going to be mass-market-ready," he said. "We don't see that it's mass-market-ready right now but there certainly could be a point in the future when it is, and when it is mass-market ready is when you can expect Nintendo to be there."