'Destiny 2' Coming This Year Along With New 'Call of Duty' with "Traditional Combat"

Prepare for a more story-focused, cinematic 'Destiny' before the end of the year

'Destiny 2' is definitely coming this Fall. Credit: Bungie

Activision gave an earnings call this afternoon and inbetween all the talk of revenue and operation costs we got confirmation of Destiny 2 in Fall 2017.

The big game publisher was, naturally, cagey on the call when pressed for Destiny details, but did its best to emphasize that the new Destiny would appeal to the hardcore players who sacrificed jobs and relationships for the game and brand new players. There will be "a great cinematic story that's been a real focus" through development and a memorable cast of characters. 

Destiny 2 was rumored to be due for release in September 2016 (two years after the release of the original game), but Bungie delayed it in January 2016. A few days after the delay news surfaced that CEO Harold Ryan had left the company. 

Ahead of the call this morning someone – allegedly a friend of one of Bungie's administrative team – leaked what they claimed were Destiny 2 details on Reddit. They named it Destiny 2: Forge of Hope and bet on a release window of November 4 to November 18. Most controversially, the rumor contends that players of the original Destiny won't be able to carry their characters over to Destiny 2

Frankly, it's not the most credible rumor, and the source is extremely dubious.

When it comes to the next Call Of Duty, which is coming from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare studio Sledgehammer Games, Activision promised "traditional combat that we know our fans are going to love." Basically the space stuff didn't cut it with the fanbase so it's back to traditional guns and good old fashioned boots on ground warfare.